Treasure Chest

Money (Total): 190g

4 Leather Armor
1 Hide Armor
3 Daggers
2 Greatswords
1 Shortsword
1 Light Crossbow
9 Crossbow bolts
30 Arrows
Thieves Tools
3 Woodland Cloaks (+2 Stealth in Forest)


XP: 900 each. (I didn’t realize you guys only had 400 xp when I said go ahead and lvl… oh well, your gain!)

Money: None

5 Javelins
2 Studded Leather Armor
6 Falchions

taken care of


Masterwork Heavy Crossbow
2x Masterwork Light Crossbow
Hand Axe
Magic Scythe +1 (Johnathen)
Daggers (3)
Clubs (2)
Half-Plate Armor (Tarick)
Masterwork Morningstar
Masterwork Shield (Emblem: Outline of a Dagger Rock)
113 Gold
Locked Glory Chest

Magic Ring of Protection +1 (Xeran)
10 rubies worth 15 gold each
Wedding Dress
Wedding Veil
Dried Roses
12 Silver Ingots marked with Rel Draxa Treasury (125 gold for all 12)

scale armor +1 glamored
Heavy mace +1 glamored
Cloak of the bat
Light steel shield
wand cure light (17 ch)
Wand of animation (7 ch)
Holy Symbol x2
Club x7
Dagger x7
Holy symbol x7
Padded armor x7

Morning Star x2
Leather armor with wingholes x2
700g in crappy jewelry x2

Pick Axe +1
Battleax +1
Earthbreaker hammer +1
Blacksmiths Aprons x3 (vestments of tools)
4000g in gems

chain shirt x6
dagger x9
holy symbol of dagon x6
heavy mace x6
light wooden shield x6
monks outfit
hooded lantern x4
oil flask x4
light xbow x6
180 bolts
studded leather x2
short sword x2
thieves tools x2
acid flask x2
club x2
chainmail x6
longsword x6
flint and steel x3
potion x3 (magical)
wand x1 (magical)
sickle (magical)
padded armor (magical)

Treasure Chest

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